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For students studying A Level Economics in the central-north region, Economics Focus provide specialized Economics tuition programmes that aims to help them acquire content mastery and application skills to excel at their examinations. Our students will be aided in the understanding of the key economics concepts like Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. Students taking either H1 Economics(8819) or H2 Economics (9757) are free to join us.

About Economics Focus

Learn Economics productively with us

Economics Focus is a tuition centre focused on helping economics students attain the necessary analytical, inferential and observational skills to solve case-study based questions and write essays proficiently. Under the leadership of our economics tutor, students are able to build up on their understanding of the various economics concepts and apply them to their essay.

Features of our Tuition Programmes

Why students should sign up with Economics Focus?

Economics Focus seeks to develop our students so that they are able to be intelligent and rational thinkers. This is done through a series of tuition programmes that are focused on enhancing our students’ case study based answering techniques and essay writing skills. Intensive class practices are regularly conducted to familiarise students with the various economics concepts and questions so that they are able to score well at the A Level Economics examinations.

Revise well with exam-driven notes

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Our Economics notes have been specially prepared by our Economics tutor, Mr Simon Ng, to assist our students in studying Economics productively. The notes are clear and organized into different themes and chapters, cutting down on the time required for revision and providing concise key points for students to take note.

Attain effective application techniques for essays and CSQs

Bishan Ang Mo Kio Tuition Centre Singapore - Economics Focus - Essay and CSQ Skills
Economics Focus also emphasised on skills-based learning, which is critical to succeeding in Economics. Students will be taught how to analyze data in tables, structure their essays and integrate Economics concepts into their answers.

JC Economics Tutors

Get advice from our tutors

Economics Focus is managed by our passionate tutor Mr Simon Ng who play a crucial role in making Economics a fun and engaging subject for our students. Our Economics tutors employ a variety of teaching methods to help students attain content mastery and skills development. Through this, our students will be well prepared to confront the challenges of A Level Economics and acquire the critical thinking skills required to conquer it.

Bishan Ang Mo Kio Tuition Centres SIngapore - Super Economics General Paper Tutor Simon Ng

JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng

As the founder of Economics Focus, Simon Ng help to shape the current tuition programme that aims to make studying of Economics easy and fun. With his vast experience in Economics issues, Simon Ng ofer provides many relatable examples that students can draw references from to help them in their case-study bases questions. Many students have been empowered to learn because of him.

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