Tampines Tuition Centres

The regional tuition portal for the East.

Tampines Tuition Centres is an online portal for students, parents and educators to collaborate and establish a strong digital network in Singapore.

Similar to Bishan Tuition Centre, this tuition portal includes primary, secondary and JC tuition centres that conduct learning programmes to enrich the learning of the students.

These centres are located in the East, such as Paya Lebar, Bedok, Tampines, Pasir Ris and Simei. Students and Parents can browse the portal to select the most suitable programme that can provide a fruitful learning experience.

Primary Tuition Online

Become proficient in the primary subjects.

These tuition classes encompass the three main subjects taken at the Primary level: English, Maths and Science. The tutors provide essential learning resources like notes and practice questions that help ensure students are well-prepared for the PSLE.

Primary English Tuition

The Primary English tuition classes helps students improve their language proficiency through interactive classes, as well as acquiring new vocabulary through use in simulations during class practices.

Primary Math Tuition

The Primary Math tuition classes focus on teaching basic mathematical concepts such as addition and subtraction to students, as well as exposing them to a wide variety of question types to prepare them for the exams.

Primary Science Tuition

The Primary Science tuition classes teach students various concepts that relate to their everyday observations to generate curiosity about our environment.

Secondary Tuition Online

Intensify your reach for further education.

The tuition classes in Tampines feature secondary tuition programmes to prepare students for their GCE O Level examinations. Through a variety of teaching methods that suit different learning styles and inculcating essential exam skills, students will be able to attain mastery over what they have learnt in school and do well for their exams.

Secondary English Tuition

Secondary English classes available at Tampines Tuition Centres aims to refine students’ command of English in four key areas - reading, writing, listening and oral communication.

Lower Secondary Science Tuition

Lower Secondary Science classes available at Tampines Tuition Centres build students’ knowledge in the fundamentals of science such that they will experience less friction when transitioning to more advanced fields at upper secondary level

Lower Secondary Humanities Tuition

Humanities classes available at Tampines Tuition Centres broaden students’ scope of learning and enables them to have a holistic understanding of different issues from various angles and perspectives.

Secondary Math Tuition

Secondary Math classes available at Tampines Tuition Centres guide students in making sense of complex concepts through topical revisions and timed practices

Secondary Chemistry Tuition

Secondary Chemistry classes available at Tampines Tuition Centres bolster students’ knowledge and application of Chemistry concepts and train them in several skill sets tested at the O Levels.

Secondary Physics Tuition

Secondary Physics classes available at Tampines Tuition Centres reinforce students’ conceptual understanding and equip them with crucial observational, analysing and planning skills to do well for the different components tested at O Levels.

Secondary Biology Tuition

Secondary Biology classes available at Tampines Tuition Centres enhance students’ understanding and application of the different concepts covered in the syllabus and refine their exam strategies to help them achieve an A at O Levels.

Secondary Economics Tuition

Secondary Economics classes available at Tampines Tuition Centres build a solid foundation in economics such that they are well-geared to ace at O Levels and beyond.

JC Tuition Online

Be equipped with the skills to do well for the A Level.

Tampines Tuition Centres have a vast array of JC Tuition classes to develop the thinking and answering techniques of students. Browse the following available tuition programmes to find out how we prepare you for the tests.

GP Tuition

It is normal for students to encounter difficulty when transitioning from ‘O’ Level English to GP. Our GP Tuition helps to bridge the chasm between the levels by familiarizing students with the main ideas of the various themes as well as guiding them on how to answer paper 1 and paper 2 questions effectively.

Economics Tuition

Economics is a new subject for many JC students, our Econs Tuition helps students to build a strong foundation by focusing on the key learning points of each of the micro and macroeconomics topics. It also teaches students how to score for the Source Based and Essay questions in the examinations.

JC Math Tuition

Our Math Tuition focuses on the topics of Pure Math (Paper 1), Statistics and Probability (Paper 2) separately in order to ensure that students are able to build a strong foundation in them. It also helps to break down complex concepts to make it more straightforward and easier for students to understand.

JC Chemistry Tuition

Our Chemistry Lessons helps students to be thoroughly prepared for the ‘A’ Levels by giving them constant practice and reviews for the different papers. It also places an emphasis on the important learning points of each of the different topics so students are able to recall them more effectively during their examination.

JC Physics Tuition

The Physics Tuition programs offered by Tampines Tuition Centres helps students to highlight and better understand the main concept being taught in each topic. It also ensures that students develop the ability to apply their knowledge and answer the different question types effectively.

JC Biology Tuition

During Biology Tuition lessons, our dedicated tutors will help students to understand the abstract concepts thought by guiding them through every step, clarifying any doubts or misconceptions along the way. They will also be imparting valuable answering techniques to our students, enabling them to score better during the examinations.

JC History Tuition

Our students will learn how to decipher and pick up the relevant information from complex historical texts as well as understand the underlying implications or assumptions made. Students will also learn how to answer Source Based and Essay questions through thematic discussions and constant practices.

Featured Tuition Centres

Get better by enrolling in these centres.

This portal hosts a series of education centres that provide classes. Receive study notes and practices to make learning more productive. With the combined efforts of your diligence and our technical expertise, success is definitely within your reach.

Economics Tuition Online

Economics Tuition Online offers JC 1 and JC 2 Economics Tuition programmes for students taking either H2 or H1 Economics in preparation for the GCE A Level Economics examinations. These classes involve real-time discussion of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics topics as well as the review of essay and case study questions for knowledge application.

GP Tuition Online

GP Tuition Online features JC 1 and JC 2 General Paper Tuition classes to prepare students for the GCE A Level General Paper examinations. Through the use of online learning features, students will explore various thematic issues like the environment, social media and education. Then, we go through GP essay and comprehension questions.


SGEducators features primary, secondary and JC tuition classes to nurture the fundamental knowledge and skills to be competent and ready for the major examinations. Undergo progressive learning by engaging with the tutors via online learning means like the real-time video discussions and attempt class practices to keep learning exam-focused.


Grasp Economics concepts through a comprehensive and exam-driven online learning approach to ace the GCE A Level Economics examinations. With the support from the JC Economics Tutor, you will examine relevant industry-specific case studies to form logical arguments in answering essay and case study questions.


Discover the amazing field of General Paper by joining the online learning programme. Get ready for the GCE A Level General Paper examination by engaging in fruitful discussions with the JC GP Tutor. You will learn how to analyse real world issues systematically and answer comprehension and essay questions effectively.

JC History Tuition

Enroll in the JC History Tuition Online programme to be prepared for the challenges ahead during the GCE A Level History examinations. Learn how to revise your content in an organised way and apply them to both essay and source based case study questions. Our JC History Tutor will review and provide feedback on the areas of improvement to raise proficiency.

JC Maths Tuition

Develop problem-solving skills by signing up for the JC Maths Tuition programme. These classes are available for JC students taking either H1 or H2 Mathematics. With the support from the JC Math Tutor, you will develop a structured way to analyse questions and derive the appropriate steps to answer both fundamental and complex questions.

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