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We are conducting the JC 1 and JC2 History Tuition June Intensive Revision programmes for H2 and H1 History students. Throughout the JC History Tuition programme, you will grasp the fundamental ideas and historical developments and apply them to essay and source-based case study questions effectively. Also, by signing up for the June classes, you can attend our FREE A LEVEL REVIEW WORKSHOP! Call 96890510 to learn more about this programme.

Bishan Tuition Centres features JC History Tuition classes for students who desire to excel in their A Level examinations. The programmes are structured in exam-driven ways, seen in terms of the greater emphasis placed on the use of practice questions and summary notes, to guide students through their revision process. Furthermore, these lessons are engaging as students are encouraged to pose questions and hold discussions with the tutors. By doing so, students will learn effectively and acquire the knowledge and application skills to ace the examinations.

Class Features

What we offer at the lessons

The JC History Tuition classes offer many attractive features that will help students to overcome their learning difficulties. For example, students will receive study materials that enhance their understanding of historical developments, thus enabling them to remember the content better.

Bishan Ang Mo Kio Tuition Centres Singapore - JC History Tuition - Exam-oriented learning resources

Exam-oriented learning resources

Students will receive exclusive access to the learning resources that are structured in ways to facilitate the ease of conceptual comprehension. For instance, in the context of A Level History, students can refer to the timeline notes to understand the sequence of events.

Bishan Ang Mo Kio Tuition Centres Singapore - JC History Tuition - Receive guidance and feedback from tutors

Receive guidance and feedback from tutors

The JC History tuition classes will be beneficial to students as they can seek guidance and assistance from the tutors of Bishan Tuition Centres. Students can receive feedback from tutors to identify the areas of improvement in their essays and source based questions.

Bishan Ang Mo Kio Tuition Centres Singapore - JC History Tuition - Attempt regular class practices

Attempt regular class practices

The exam preparation is made complete with the inclusion of class practices to aid students in their efforts to refine their answering methods. The JC History Tuition programmes will feature timed practices to assess the competency of students and their exam-readiness.

Useful exam strategies for JC History

Tips to improve your study of A Level History

Tutors of Bishan Tuition Centres offer study tips to students who desire to excel in A Level History. Based on their teaching experience and astute observations on the past examinations, the following strategies will prove useful and applicable for students. Discover how you can make your learning and answering methods more effective.

Set your essay outlines before attempting the questions

Bishan Ang Mo Kio Tuition Centres Singapore - JC History Tuition - Set your essay outlines

It is fatal mistake for students to jump right into the answering of questions without proper planning. Some students have the tendency to memorise content and apply them to questions without much consideration of the requirements. JC History tutors advise students to examine the questions closely and plan their answers by writing outlines. By doing so, it ensures that they will avoid the mistake of missing out on key points to cover.

Annotate any important parts of the extracts for the Source Based Questions

Bishan Ang Mo Kio Tuition Centres Singapore - JC History Tuition - Annotate Source Based Questions

For the Source Based Questions (SBQs), students are strongly encouraged to read the given extracts carefully and pick out essential information that match the requirement of the questions. For example, students should pay attention to the writer’s tone and his/her background. Furthermore, students are advised to build up the habit of analysing the text and writing down the possible implications next to the sources. Therefore, the actual answering process is more precise.

Plan your time well during the examinations

Bishan Ang Mo Kio Tuition Centres Singapore - JC History Tuition - Plan your time well during the examinations

Good time management skills are important as many students, especially those who are new to the subject, experience difficulties in completing the exam questions on time. One possible factor is the lack of practice as students have not adapted to the stressful conditions of planning and writing their essays. As such, students should build up the habit of undergoing timed practices to become faster in their preparation and answering process.

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