Education Events & Workshops

At Bishan Tuition Centres, our featured tuition centres organize and conduct memorable social and educational events and workshops to enrich the learning journey of students. The fun-filled social events are organized to provide students, parents and friends opportunities to interact and socialise together. Our tuition centres, such as Economicsfocus, have also organized revision workshops to refine their conceptual application skills, so that they are confident and ready to tackle the examinations.

Economics Skills Development Workshop

6 September 2014 | 16 September 2015
Singapore Management University (SMU)

The Economicsfoucs JC Economics Skills Development Workshop 2014 and 2015 were organized at Singapore Management University (SMU). The workshops were organized by JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng with the primary goal of refining the Economics essay writing and case study skills application techniques, so that students are proficient in writing and question answering for the A Level Economics examinations. The students also shared that it was an eye-opening experience as it was the first time visiting a local university.

Charity Movie Night

18 September 2014
Golden Village @ Great World City

During the Economicsfocus Charity Movie Night at GV Great World City, students were given the opportunity to interact with one another and watch a movie. The event was organized by the dedicated JC Economics Tutor Simon Ng, who believed that students should set aside some time for recreation, while preparing for the examinations. Indeed, many students shared their joy and satisfaction with the event as it was a great time to relax.