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Tampines Tuition Centres is the one stop portal for tuition services in Tampines, Pasir Ris, Simei and Bedok. Users can access key information about tuition centres located in the East of Singapore – class timings, centre information and teachers’ information. The tuition centres are headed by dedicated and experienced teachers that specialise in Primary, Secondary and JC tuition. They experience will shine through and enable students to have their best shot at their examinations

Primary Tuition

Get a headstart in education for PSLE


Primary tuition is a key pillar of Singapore’s education system. It lays the foundation of knowledge that students need to excel at the higher levels. As such, it is of utmost importance for students to fully grasp the concepts and content of Primary level education. We have featured tuition centres that specialise in Primary tuition for the main three subjects: English, Math and Science.

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Pri English Tuition

The study of the English language at Primary level requires students to quickly grasp key skills such as reading, writing and speaking, while also having the appropriate vocabulary range to back those skills up. We provide students with the necessary skills to establish a strong base in the English language.

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Pri Math Tuition

The syllabus of Primary Mathematics focuses on the basic concepts addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Recent syllabus changes have indicated a shift towards integrating problem solving into examination questions. Through our Primary Mathematics tuition classes, students will learn the basic concepts of Mathematics while also mastering mathematical problem sum solving.

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Pri Science Tuition

The Primary Science tuition programmes at Tampines Tuition Centres aim to provide students with the basic knowledge of Physics, Chemistry and Biology that is needed at their level. Students will be able to participate in interactive classes that stray away from traditional rote learning method. As such, they will be able to better grasp knowledge and concepts than peers who are fixated on the rote learning method.

Secondary Tuition

Big steps towards academic success at the O Level


Secondary tuition in Singapore is often seen as the last stage of pre-tertiary education for most students as they enter the Polytechnics. The are, however, a number of students who opt to enter junior colleges to further their pre-university education. Tampines Tuition Centres caters to both sets of students, empowering them to spread their wings and achieve their academic goals. We allow students to build on their knowledge attained from Primary school and teach mathematics concepts that will enable them to confidently attack examinations. These are essential, lifelong skills that will allow students to excel in the working world.

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Sec English Tuition

Given that English is the modern world’s lingua franca, learning the English language is extremely important to for success in any way or form. The ability to grasp the fundamentals of the English language and proficiently use it to communicate – written and spoken – is a highly applicable skill that will last for a lifetime. The Secondary English classes at Tampines Tuition Centre will equip students not only with key examination skills but also skills that are relevant to the workplace of today.

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Sec Mathematics Tuition

Secondary Mathematics tuition focuses on the content that is crucial for excelling in the GCE O Level Examination. The dedicated and experienced tutors have a firm grasp of the Mathematics and Additional Mathematics syllabus, and are keen to impart their knowledge to students who are willing to learn. The Math concepts learnt will be crucial to complement their Junior College or Polytechnic education in the near future.

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Sec Chemistry Tuition

Chemistry is one of the subjects that act as a hurdle towards a good O Level score. Students may find the concepts very abstract and difficult to grasp, leading to frictional learning. This state of learning does not result in optimal information retention. Our tutors will provide academic assistance in both content as well as key answering techniques so that students are given the best shot at the O Level Examination.

JC Tuition

Develop critical thinking and problem solving skills for A Level


Tampines Tuition Centres offers unparalleled JC Tuition programmes for students undergoing the A levels. JC Tuition programmes are headed by experienced tutors who employ signature, time-proven teaching methods to help maximise and improve upon student’s learning abilities. We also offer a wide selection of JC tuition programmes according to A level subjects so that students will be able to get comprehensive assistance relating to their specific needs.

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JC GP Tuition

JC GP tutors are well positioned to provide students with valuable insights on the specific issues and themes pertaining to the subject. This is done through exposing students to a wide range of topics and issues through class discussions and practices which serve to broaden their horizons.

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JC Economics Tuition

At JC economics tuition, students will have extensive and comprehensive coverage on the various economics concepts and skills designed to help them tackle the economics paper at the A levels. This is done through topical essay practices as well as case study questions to strengthen their abilities.

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JC Math Tuition

Our JC Math tutors have the necessary expertise to help students develop the intellectual acuity in mathematics so that they will be able to overcome the math paper. Students will be tasked by tutors to practice a wide range of questions to develop familiarity with the various question types.

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JC Chemistry Tuition

During JC chemistry tuition, students will be put under the tutelage of highly renowned and experienced tutors who will provide them with guidance and materials to conquer the chemistry paper.

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JC History Tuition

Students taking history at the A levels will be able to seek help from JC history tutors. JC History tutors will be able to provide students with knowledge while at the same time providing them with historical knowledge and insights on issues surrounding the history subject

eLearning Features

Paving The Way For Technologically Driven Learning


Tampines tuition Centres adopts the use of E learning programmes provided by MobileLearners to help aid students in their learning. The use of E-learning has shown to be effective in helping to engage and enrich the learning abilities of students. We have a variety of E-learning tools available for students to learn more effectively and conveniently.

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Educational Videos

Educational videos contributed by Tampines Tuition Centres are a great way to help enforce learning for students. These videos provide students with interactive means to learn and they encompass online lessons as well as educational videos covering a wide spectrum of topics and issues that will prove beneficial in their quest to acquire and retain knowledge.

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Mobile Apps

Members of Tampines tuition centres will also be able to download our Mobile Apps for free. It is available on both android and ios and will allow students, parents and educators to access all functions available on the web version at their fingertips. Not only is learning made more convenient, it is also made more efficient.

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eBooks and Publications

The ebooks and publications subscription feature on Tampines tuition centres allows for students to gain more insight from multi-varied perspectives on the subjects they are studying. This helps supplement whatever knowledge students have acquired during school hours, giving them an edge over their peers. What’s more it features fun activities, such as lucky draws, games and many more, that students can participate in.

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Education News

The education news feature allows students and parents to learn more about the latest news happening around the Tampines, Pasir Ris and Bedok neighbourhood. Our team of prolific writers gather articles from reputable new sources and analyzes them to see how these events will affect your neighbourhood.

Featured Tuition Centres

Learn With Peace Of Mind


Our team of dedicated tutors from our featured tuition centres will ensure that the educational needs of every student is met. This is done through the provision of a holistic learning experience for all students. On top of that, tutors take into account the learning abilities of students so that they can adapt and adjust their teaching methods to suit their individual learning styles. This allows for maximization of learning.

Education Portals

The All-Encompassing Educational Portal in Singapore


Tampines tuition centres, like Bishan Tuition Centres, forms part of our regional portal network, which in turn plays an integral role in sustaining our ever expanding education network. Our education network is helmed by SGEducators which aims to incorporate all aspects of learning and teaching into a single, integrated platform. On top of regional portals, we also have subject specific and level specific portals to help facilitate ease of learning.