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Primary Tuition Singapore offers distinguished tuition programmes for primary school students. It brings together the best primary tuition programmes from all around Singapore so that students and parents will be able to save themselves the hassle of having to look for one. We seek to be the focal point for the provision of online primary tuition services that will allow students to achieve academic success.

Tuition Programmes

Exemplary Tuition Programmes Designed to Change The Way Students Learn


Our primary tuition programmes are crafted with the needs of our students in mind They are offered by our list of featured primary tuition centres who have helped countless numbers of students achieve academic distinction in their respective subjects. Tuition classes are taught by tutors who will provide students with  a suitable learning environment to help them prosper during their primary education.

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Pri English Tuition

Students will be able to enrol in Primary English Tuition classes conducted by experienced tutors. Tutors will help build up students foundation in the english language through regular assessments and progressive lessons.

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Pri Math Tuition

Our featured tutors of Primary Math Tuition strive to help students attain mastery in mathematics by employing tailored teaching styles to suit the learning abilities of students. Tutors are constantly equipping students with new questions and skill sets to familiarise them with the various mathematical topics.

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Pri Science Tuition

Primary Science tutors strive to spark scientific interest in students as they embark on a journey into the world of science. Through the use of videos, field trips, live experiments and more, students will be able to develop newfound interest in the subject

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Pri School Holiday Programmes

Primary school holiday Programmes are also Organised for students to help them revise and recap on whatever they have learnt during the previous term. During these period, tutors will take the opportunity to strengthen student’s conceptual understanding as well as teach them new concepts and topics so they will get a head start in the new term.

PSLE Syllabus

Stay Ahead of The Pack


Primary Tuition Singapore provides students and parents with syllabus updates and analysis on the various primary related subjects so that students will be familiar with the various requirements.

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PSLE English Syllabus

The primary english syllabus equips students with basic knowledge on the english language. It consists of 4 papers, paper 1 being essay writing, paper 2 comprehension and language use, paper 3 listening comprehension and paper 4 oral communication.

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PSLE Math Syllabus

Primary mathematics exposes students to the basics of calculus and mathematical concepts. To test student’s understanding of the subject, they are expected to sit for 2 papers, of which paper 1 comprises of 2 booklets and paper 2 consisting of 1 booklet.

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PSLE Science Syllabus

Science at the primary level delves into student’s ability to apply basic scientific knowledge with increasing emphasis being placed on real world application. Students are required to sit for 2 papers, booklet A which consists of multiple choice and booklet B which consists of open ended questions.

Featured Primary Tuition Centres

Empower Your Learning


Primary Tuition Singapore features a variety of primary school tuition centres that have established a good rapport with parents and students over the years. They have been carefully selected based on their proven methodology and effective teaching methods. Primary school students as well as parents of primary school students can have peace of mind whenever they enrol in any of our featured tuition centres because they can be assured of receiving quality tuition services.

Education Portals

Integrated Learning at its Finest


Primary Tuition Singapore forms a part of SGEducator’s integrated education network which aims to bring together students, educators and parents to facilitate learning and communication, thereby fostering an integrated learning platform. On top of level specific learning portals which Primary Tuition Singapore is a part of, we have region specific and subject specific platforms to better cater to the needs of every user.

Education News

Stay Informed


Primary Tuition Singapore has an education news column supported and contributed by tutors of our featured primary tuition centres as well as from industry experts. Here students and parents alike will be able to find all kind of information pertaining to primary school education in Singapore.