Educating inquisitive learners.

Online learning is an important component of education, as seen by how physical classes were replaced with eLearning during the COVID-2019 pandemic. Online Learning is therefore a pivotal step in making learning accessible to all, ensuring that the journey of knowledge accumulation and skills acquisition carries on.

Why eLearning?

Benefits of online learning

There are several benefits to online learning. Online learning is extremely convenient and provides students with timely feedback. It also has many resources to promote independent learning.


The convenience of online learning can never be understated. Use either a laptop or tablet to enter the virtual classroom and start immediately. Travelling time is minimised and you can focus on your learning.

Timely feedback and reviews

Educators are extremely involved in the online learning process. The online platform has the necessary tools for tutors to mark the students’ works and provide feedback to students either via leaving comments or having a live-video call. This ensures that students can learn and review their work at a consistent pace.

Easy access to a plethora of resources.

Our platform offers vast and diverse practice questions to ensure that students possess the proficiency to perform desirably during the examinations. This also helps students to be independent in their own learning as resources for additional practice are readily available.

How It Works?

Unique functions of our online learning platform

The benefits of online learning are made possible with the unique functions of our platform. These functions ensure that the learning and revision process is carried out in a purposeful and enjoyable manner.

Real-time video discussion

Similar to the conventional classes, you can interact with the educator through the real-time video discussions. These lessons are live-streamed to make sure that student-tutor engagement is present as you explore different topics.

Illustrative virtual whiteboard

Watch how the educator makes illustrations on the virtual whiteboard to understand how certain concepts are explained during the class. Download these illustrations and store them in your private archive for reference.

Organised online material storage

Our eLearning platform features a secure archive for students to keep their marked practices, notes and other references online. We ensure that you can organise your learning materials easily as you complete each lesson.


The biggest eLearning portal in Singapore

EduMarket is a one-stop portal for all education centres in Singapore to display their primary, secondary and JC Tuition programmes online. Bishan Tuition Centre is one of the supporting portals that features such purpose-driven classes.

Diverse tuition programmes to consider

EduMarket has a variety of programmes to match the specific learning preferences of students at different ages, such as primary, secondary and JC levels. You will definitely be able to find a suitable tuition class to sign up for. These programmes also include enrichment workshops to supplement your learning experience.

Study effectively by harnessing our online learning tools

Tuition programmes in the EduMarket incorporate eLearning features such as live-streamed lessons, instant communication for student-tutor interaction, Virtual Whiteboard illustrations and secure storage and access of learning materials. With such a comprehensive system, you can unlock your fullest potential and do well for your examinations.

Unlock your learning potential.

Be amazed by the effective features of eLearning.