Educational Videos
for Pri, Sec, JC, Students

Educational videos are prepared by our featured Bishan tuition centres, such as Economicsfocus and AO Studies, that will make learning enjoyable and meaningful. Students can watch the eLearning videos via digital gadgets and revise their concepts conveniently. One of the distinct advantages is that students can re-watch the videos to reinforce their conceptual understanding and skills application.

Economics Learning Video

Learning Videos

Economicsfocus adopts a multi-faceted teaching approach to accelerate the learning development of students. With reference to the JC Economics Essays Writing Skills Development videos, students can watch and learn from the explanation videos that teaches students how to analyse and write their essays. We also advise students to adopt a hands-on approach by refining their writing techniques through timed practices.

Mathematics Learning Video

Students of AO Studies can now access past lectures and recordings via our web portal. Not only do these online materials serve to reinforce knowledge gained in class, they give students flexibility to skim over and concentrate on areas that they feel they may need to work more on. Having a learning tool that is available 24/7 also means that every student can find time in his/her busy schedule and benefit from it. Lecture recordings will be posted online shortly after each lesson.