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Bishan Tuition Centres offers primary tuition classes to teach students the basics of English, Mathematics and Science so that they are well-prepared for the later stages of education. Students will acquire essential skills and techniques that will allow them to approach and answer questions effectively. By the end of their 6 years, they will be able to achieve academic excellence at the PSLE examinations.

During the formative years, a child undergoes 6-years primary level education that cultivates varied sets of knowledge and life skills that will set a strong foundation for the subsequent stages of education. At the 6th year, students will have to sit for the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE), which is arguably the first major examination that all primary school students have to attempt. As some parents are concerned over their children’s exam-readiness towards the PSLE, Bishan Tuition Centres was set up with the goal in mind to allay their fears over this hurdle.

Tuition Programmes

Become proficient in the primary subjects


Our tuition classes encompass the three main subjects taken at the Primary level: English, Math and Science. Our tutors provide essential learning resources (notes, practice questions, that ensure students will be well-prepared for the PSLE.

Bishan Ang Mo Kio Tuition Centres Singapore - Primary English Tuition

Pri English Tuition

Our Primary English tuition class helps students improve their language proficiency through interactive classes, as well as acquiring new vocabulary through use in simulations.

Bishan Ang Mo Kio Tuition Centres Singapore - Primary Mathematics Tuition

Pri Math Tuition

Our Primary Math tuition class focuses on teaching basic mathematical concepts such as addition and subtraction to students, as well as exposing them to a wide variety of question types to prepare them for the exams.

Bishan Ang Mo Kio Tuition Centres Singapore - Primary Science Tuition

Pri Science Tuition

Our Primary Science tuition class teaches students various concepts that relate to their everyday observations to generate curiosity about our environment.

PSLE Revision

How our primary tuition can aid students to excel in PSLE?


Our featured tuition centres conduct tuition programmes that help Primary students prepare for the PSLE. These programmes support the development of students by broadening their knowledge and understanding of concepts, developing techniques for answering different questions, and undergoing timed practices to improve exam efficiency.

Features of Our Programmes


Our featured Bishan tuition centres believe that the first step towards effective learning is to adopt a positive mindset in exploring new ideas, so that students are more receptive and active during lessons. As such, our motivated primary English, Math and Science tutors encourage students to verbalise their thoughts by asking questions, which promotes spontaneous thinking. Therefore, primary students will learn to appreciate their newfound knowledge in primary English, Math and Science, that will improve their comprehension level and thus improve academic performance.

In addition to the focus of inquisitive learning, our featured Bishan tuition centres not only provide primary English, Math and Science tuition, but also enrichment programmes that will equip students with critical thinking skills, boost confidence and create an enjoyable and conducive learning environment. These enrichment programmes are usually held during the school holidays to sustain their interest towards learning while they take a break from the hectic school life. While the content of the enrichment programmes are beyond the primary level curriculum, the educators from these renowned Bishan tuition centres impart useful knowledge and life skills that will improve their learning abilities.

As the main objective of the primary level education is to achieve academic excellence, our featured Bishan tuition centres advocate smart learning, which involves studying in time-efficient learning. Our professional primary English, Math and Science tutors will impart exam-smart strategies and learning methods to students that will accelerate the comprehension process. Also, the primary tuition programmes will expose students to a wide range of questions so that they are competent and confident in tackling different question types that may be tested in the examinations.

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