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Bishan Tuition Centres offers comprehensive tuition programs that helps JC students prepare more effectively for their upcoming ‘A’ Levels. It is regional-based, in the North-Zone Area, and offers subject specific tuition for GP, Economics, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and History. Students will develop crucial examination skills under the guidance of our experienced and caring tutors.

At the pre-tertiary stage of education, students are faced with one of the most challenging obstacles – the GCE Advanced Level (or known as the A Level) examinations. At the stage of development, students would prepare for this gruelling assessment based on the subjects chosen – Science, Humanities or a mixture of both, apart from the compulsory General Paper and Mother Tongue subjects. While some students feel that they are able to manage their own time and study for these subjects, they may lack the experience to pre-empt the potential pitfalls of their studying methods, such as not spending enough time on practice questions. Therefore, Bishan Tuition Centres, Singapore offer an effective solution in which the featured JC tuition centres aid students in their learning through exam-oriented approaches, so that they will achieve success at the A Level.

JC Tuition Singapore

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The tuition classes offered are specifically tailored to meet the changing needs of JC students. On top of focusing on the key points of each topic, students will pick up valuable subject-specific skills to better prepare them for the shift in focus to application questions

Bishan Ang Mo Kio Tuition Centres Singapore - JC GP Tuition

GP Tuition

It is normal for students to encounter difficulty when transitioning from ‘O’ Level English to GP. Our GP Tuition helps to bridge the chasm between the levels by familiarizing students with the main ideas of the various themes as well as guiding them on how to answer paper 1 and paper 2 questions effectively.

Bishan Ang Mo Kio Tuition Centres Singapore - JC Economics Tuition

Economics Tuition

Economics is a new subject for many JC students, our Econs Tuition helps students to build a strong foundation by focusing on the key learning points of each of the micro and macroeconomics topics. It also teaches students how to score for the Source Based and Essay questions in the examinations.

Bishan Ang Mo Kio Tuition Centres Singapore - JC Maths Tuition

JC Math Tuition

Our Math Tuition focuses on the topics of Pure Math (Paper 1), Statistics and Probability (Paper 2) separately in order to ensure that students are able to build a strong foundation in them. It also helps to break down complex concepts to make it more straightforward and easier for students to understand.

Bishan Ang Mo Kio Tuition Centres Singapore - JC Chemistry Tuition

JC Chemistry Tuition

Our Chemistry Lessons helps students to be thoroughly prepared for the ‘A’ Levels by giving them constant practice and reviews for the different papers. It also places an emphasis on the important learning points of each of the different topics so students are able to recall them more effectively during their examination.

Bishan Ang Mo Kio Tuition Centres Singapore - JC Physics Tuition

JC Physics Tuition

The Physics Tuition programs offered by Bishan Tuition Centres helps students to highlight and better understand the main concept being taught in each topic. It also ensures that students develop the ability to apply their knowledge and answer the different question types effectively.

Bishan Ang Mo Kio Tuition Centres Singapore - JC History Tuition

JC History Tuition

Our students will learn how to decipher and pick up the relevant information from complex historical texts as well as understand the underlying implications or assumptions made. Students will also learn how to answer Source Based and Essay questions through thematic discussions and constant practices.

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Features of Our JC Tuition

Given the comprehensive information and knowledge that students have to process and understand, it is important that students think critically and write proficiently, so as to capture the main points clearly and concisely. At our featured Bishan tuition centres, the JC tutors conduct lessons that cultivate critical thinking, in which students learn how to form causation, rebuttals and perspective analysis. JC tutors engage students in spontaneous discussion, which will nurture them to become more articulate and expressive – a key factor in cultivating critical and creative thinkers.
In order to achieve a well-rounded education, students should not only learn from educators at schools and JC tuition centres, but also on their own. The rationale stems from the fact that the A Level examinations assesses the students’ ability to process the information presented to them in the questions and formulate solutions to resolve the issues discussed within a fixed time frame. Our Bishan tuition centres conduct JC tuition programmes, such as Economics, JC Maths and GP tuition, that impart the exam applications skills and encourage self-directed learning beyond the classrooms. Such are essential as it promotes initiative and responsibility, which are crucial skills for students to become valuable assets in the working world.
The A Level examination may contain questions that involve real world examples or case studies and require students to draw references to the subject-specific concepts. Some students encounter difficulties in bridging the gap between conceptual knowledge and empirical evidence, which is exemplified in the extensive time wasted on figuring out suitable ways to express the ideas. Through our JC tuition programmes at the featured Bishan tuition centres, students will learn how to apply the concepts to identify and understand real world problems as well as to discover how these concepts are used to create solutions to overcome them. Comprehension of real world examples will be important as it facilitates the acquisition of problem solving skills.

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Bishan Tuition Centres, along with our established partner centres; Generalpaper.com.sg, AO Studies, JC Math Tuition and JC History Tuition seek to maximize the learning development of students in the region through our well planned and specifically designed programs.

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