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JC Tuition Singapore strives to bring together the best JC tuition programmes around Singapore under a single integrated portal. The JC tuition programmes present have been specially selected to include exemplary tuition centres who have had helped countless number of students fulfil their academic aspirations. JC Tuition Singapore aims to provide students with everything they need to know about the JC curriculum so that they can excel in it.

Tuition Programmes

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JC Tuition Singapore has wide variety of available tuition programmes for students to choose from. The tuition programmes from our panel of feature tuition centres distinguish themselves from the rest by employing signature teaching methods designed to help students learn effectively. Tutors of our featured tuition centres are also keen on the developing the general well-being of students instead of just focusing on their results, providing students with ample opportunities to embark on a holistic learning experience

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JC GP Tuition

GP Tution will help students overcome the multitude of GP issues and themes presented to them in an easily comprehensible way. Tutors will expose students to a wide range of current affairs so that they will be ready to tackle the GP paper.

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JC Economics Tuition

Under the tutelage of JC economics tutors, students will learn about economic concepts and the impact they have on the world economy. This will be done through the distribution of comprehensive notes as well as topical exercises that will help students enforce their understanding of economic concepts.

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JC Math Tuition

Students seeking JC math tuition will be able to undergo signature math tuition programmes conducted by our JC math tutors allowing them to improve upon their mathematical knowledge. Students will undergo numerous practice sessions that will enable them to be proficient in the subject.

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JC Chemistry Tuition

Chemistry tuition at our featured tuition centres will instil in students the skills needed to excel in chemistry at the A levels. Given the sheer amount of content, concepts and formulae needed, tutors will help students overcome this obstacle through well structured lesson plans designed to help them progress gradually.

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JC Physics Tuition

JC physics tuition of featured tuition centres will help students to comprehend key physics concepts in an engaging and extensive manner, so that they will be able to have a firm grasp of the subject.

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JC History Tuition

Our JC history tuition will help students overcome the sheer amount of historical content together with case study and essay writing skills through a combination of well structured class lessons which include group discussions, topical essay/CSQ practices as well as thematic based teaching lessons.

A Level Syllabus

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Bishan Tuition Centres - JC Tuition Singapore - A Level GP Syllabus

A Level GP Syllabus

The A level GP syllabus requires students to think critically and construct cogent arguments. It consists of 2 papers, the essay paper and then comprehension paper.

Bishan Tuition Centres - JC Tuition Singapore - A Level Economics Syllabus

A Level Economics Syllabus

The A level economics syllabus is available in both H1 and H2 levels and teaches students about the application of economic concepts, theories and principles. Both levels feature 2 papers, one essay and one CSQ paper, with differences being the depth of content tested.

Bishan Tuition Centres - JC Tuition Singapore - A Level Maths Syllabus

A Level Math Syllabus

The A level math syllabus builds upon student’s understanding of mathematical knowledge from the O levels and aims to extend their knowledge further into the world of mathematics. Both H1 and H2 levels are inclusive of 2 papers, one testing pure mathematics and another on statistics with differences being the amount of content covered.

Bishan Tuition Centres - JC Tuition Singapore - A Level Chemistry Syllabus

A Level Chemistry Syllabus

The A level chemistry syllabus which is available at 2 levels aims to test student’s knowledge, understanding as well as application of chemistry related concepts. Students will be required to attempt 4 papers at the H2 level, while H1 students will only be required to attempt 2 papers.

Bishan Tuition Centres - JC Tuition Singapore - A Level Physics Syllabus

A Level Physics Syllabus

The A level physics syllabus is available to both H1 and H2 levels. Students will be tested on their application of physics concepts with increasing emphasis being placed on real world application. Students will be required to attempt 4 papers at the H2 level, while H1 students will only be required to attempt 2 papers.

Bishan Tuition Centres - JC Tuition Singapore - A Level History Syllabus

A Level History Syllabus

History at the A levels presents students with a wealth of historical content that will allow students to better appreciate the correlation between historical and present events. H1 history consists of one paper covering international history only while H2 history consists of 2 papers covering both international and southeast asian history.

Featured JC Tuition Centres

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JC Tuition Singapore is proud to feature some of the best tuition centres offering exceptional JC tuition programmes for students to learn from. Our JC tutors are backed by years of experience and are highly capable.

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JC Tuition Singapore is a part of our level specific learning portal which forms a larger network of education portals under SGEducators which seeks to be the focal point of all things education in Singapore. Our integrated network of education portals also include regional based portals like Tampines tuition centre as well as subject specific portals such as GP tuition singapore.

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JC Tuition Singapore offers students the chance to broaden their horizons through our education news column. Our education news section features news articles and analysis pertaining to the JC education scene in Singapore allowing students to know more about what is going on around them.

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JC Tuition Singapore provides students with career and academic guidance through our various talks and education fairs that feature industry experts to help students discover their sense of direction after JC education. Our tutors are also well positioned to offer students career and academic advice so as to better help them with planning for the future.