E Learning Apps
for Pri, Sec, JC, Students

Our Bishan Tuition Centres feature E-Learning programmes that can enhance the educational development of students. Given that students are more tech-savvy and inclined to accessing information via digital gadgets and mobile devices, the E-Learning programmes complement this shift in learning methods, so that students can learn anytime and anywhere. Some of these E-Learning tools include educational and explanatory videos as well as mobile applications. By harnessing these digital tools, students can broaden their learning methods and develop further interest towards the subjects.

Bishan Tuition Centres App

Bishan tuition centres is an education apps and web portal that aims to provide enriching and useful education materials and tuition services to nurture students’ educational development who are living in the Bishan Community. Our apps and web portal provide educational articles on study skills and study tips for primary, secondary, junior college level with focuses on subjects like English, Mathematics, Science, Chemistry, Physics, Economics, Literature and General Paper. Students can also download our learning app to help them refine their study skills to smoothen their learning frictions to enhance their academic devlopment.

SGEducators App

SGEducators is an online education guide for students and parents to discover useful information about the various primary, secondary and JC tuition programmes offered by the best tuition centres located in Singapore. Our primary aim is to ensure that all those who are seeking academic guidance can make informed decisions with the various education elearning articles for primary, secondary and JC students and the profile of tuition centres and top tutors in Singapore.

Econs Studies App

by Economicsfocus

Econs Studies aims to provide users a comprehensive overview of the understanding of the economic principles for the respective chapters. Users can also test their application of understanding through MCQs. Sample essays are also provided to help users raise their writing skills. Further enrichment for economics can be made through our blog.

GP Studies App

by GeneralPaper.com.sg

GP Studies aims to enrich the student’s general knowledge and improve their writing skills so as to raise their proficiency for GCE ‘A’ Level General Paper Examination. GP Studies is done on a topical and thematic basis and it includes notes, essays and MCQs. Users can also access more articles on writing skills and language development through our blog. Also, read on to find out more about our publications that can be found in various platforms, such as the Popular Guide.