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Bishan Tuition Centres was established as an online education portal for parents and students to access useful information about the primary, secondary and JC tuition centres in the Bishan neighbourhood. Given the absence of a centralised and region-specific information source, Bishan Tuition Centres was set up to consolidate some of the best tuition centres within a single online platform.

Discover the Best Tuition Centres

Be inspired and educated by renowned tuition centres featured in our education portal. These Bishan tuition centres strive to provide students the best education, so that they can improve and excel in their studies. The tuition centre information is presented in an easy-to-read format, so that parents and students can pick out the key essentials, such as the subjects offered, class schedule and contact information.

Gain the Competitive Edge

We not only showcase some of the best tuition centres in Bishan, but also provide latest information about the various primary, secondary and JC subjects that are taught in schools and tested at the PSLE, O Level and A Level examinations.

For every subject listed on the portal, students and parents can know more about the essentials:

  • The latest syllabus by the Singapore Examinations Assessment Board (SEAB)
  • Useful general and subject-specific study tips
  • Featured tuition centres offering the specific tuition programmes

Empower Smart Learners

Given the fast-paced learning environment that students are in, it is important that they adapt to the rapid influx of information, so as to learn effectively. Therefore, Bishan Tuition Centres addresses this issue by introducing E-Learning tools that will aid students in their educational development, such as eLearning apps and videos that allow students to learn anytime and anywhere.

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